Sen. Joni Ernst on Tuesday accused Theresa Greenfield and her Democrat allies of continuing to circulate a fake Iowa Farm Bureau Federation email that lies about the organization is no longer supporting Ernst’s reelection.

POLITICO Mag columnist Jeff Greenfield, a 30 Year veteran inside politics, whose resume includes working for ABC, CNN, CBS, PBS, and an author of 14 books, posted this tweet which in Iowa would be a game-changer for Ernst’s reelection hopes.

Jeff Greenfield Post Fake Iowa Farm Bureau Email Attacking Sen Joni Ernst

But despite Greenfield knowing that if this email were true meant Sen. Joni Ernst was in his words “toast.”

Jeff Greenfield, like every other Republican-hating fake news media journalist, didn’t bother doing his due diligence and after the email was debunked, was forced to delete his egregious tweet:

But mere seconds after Greenfield and others posted the fake news tweet, Theresa Greenfield’s twittering twits were busily retweeting the lie about Sen. Joni Ernst.

Knowing the wisdom of Winston Churchill’s quote: A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.

The Iowa Republican appeared on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends” in an attempt to set the record straight, and expose Theresa Greenfield’s duplicity.

“I think it’s absolutely horrible what Theresa Greenfield, my opponent, and her liberal allies are doing,” “They are pushing a misinformation campaign that could be detrimental. We are pushing back on that.”

Iowa Farm Bureau Reaffirms Their Support For Sen. Joni Ernst

Des Moines CBS affiliate KCCI reported that the Iowa Farm Bureau had reaffirmed their support for Republican Senator Joni Ernst after the fake email went viral, IFB stated that the Iowa Senator understands the difficulty Iowa Farmers face every day.

The Iowa Farm Bureau’s statement read:

“Recently, a fake email has been circulating through social media that Senator Ernst no longer has the support of Iowa Farm Bureau or our members. This email is fake, and any news reports that speak to its validity are false.

Iowa farmers know Senator Joni Ernst understands agriculture and works tirelessly to increase the economic opportunities for Iowa farmers and rural America, and that is why the Iowa Farm Bureau was proud to designate her as a Friend of Agriculture.

She continues to have our full support.”

Theresa Greenfield’s 2018 Election Fraud

Sen. Ernst said that despite her denial, Theresa Greenfield’s underhanded tactics are nothing new to Iowa voters:

“Her first run at election ended in campaign election fraud, so it is a very disturbing pattern coming from my opponent and certainly Iowans won’t stand for it.”

In early 2018, Theresa Greenfield, who was handpicked by Nancy Pelosi, filed her petition for candidacy to run in Iowa’s 3rd congressional district.

But Greenfield’s petition for candidacy which required signatures from voters across the district was dramatically withdrawn after her campaign manager, Noah Wasserman, confessed to her that he had forged some of the signatures.

Wait. What? Democrats forging fake signatures? Pluto, Mickey, and Minnie Mouse are shocked…SHOCKED that the left would be so unethical.

And similar to 2018 when Greenfield told reporters at the time that she had “no idea” that her campaign was forging signatures. She’s not taking any responsibility for her liberal loony-toon followers as they continue to push the Iowa Farm Bureau lie.

Ernst told fox and friends that:

“She may not have shared it personally, (but) we know that her supporters are sharing it,”

Ernst also shot down another Greenfield campaign lie about her supposed lack of backers, saying there are a number of organizations supporting her, including the Farm Bureau, the Iowa Cattleman’s Association, and the Iowa Corn Growers Association.

Theresa Greenfield Loves Video Except, Of Course, The Ones That Expose Her

Despite Ernst having trouble hearing the moderator’s questions during last week’s virtual debate with her opponent.

Theresa Greenfield posted, reposted, re-reposted, and re-re-reposted showing Senator Joni Ernst quoting the wrong break-even point for soybeans.

But despite publicly taking no position on BLM on her campaign website there’s another video, recently posted by Accuracy In Media (AIM), that we’re sure Theresa Greenfield won’t be posting anytime soon.

The AIM video shows a giddy Theresa Greenfield spewing her love and admiration for Black Lives Matter, not the meaning mind you, but the Marxist Black Lives Matter Organization.

So Why Hasn’t Theresa Greenfield Posted Her Speaking The Quiet Part Out Loud On Her Website?