Has CNN reached journalistic rock bottom? Despite CNN, the Clown News Network spending weeks slandering Nick Sandmann, not only is their description of him journalistically offensive it doesn’t even contain his picture.
A graphic used by CNN to break down speakers at the Republican National Convention described Nick Sandmann as someone who “sued major media outlets over viral video”.
Of course, the Clown News Network conveniently left out one important detail, that they were one of those major media outlets that were sued by Nick Sandmann for their horrific coverage that resulted in an undisclosed settlement.

The graphic, spotted by reporter Cameron Gray, also provided no image for Sandmann, despite doing so for others.

Because we are not CNN. TuskerDaily will note that there may be a clause in CNN’s settlement that prevents the Clown News Network from showing a picture of Nick Sandmann. But they could have explained that to their audience.

Of course, this would mean that they were confirming that CNN was one of those Major Media Outlets that Sandmann sued.

THIS IS CNN: The Clown News Network

While CNN’s description is technically correct, it is quite misleading. It is true Sandmann sued major media outlets, including CNN, but these were defamation suits stemming from a 2019 video showing the former Covington Catholic High School student seemingly mocking Nathan Phillips, a Native American protester, and now ‘Stolen Valor’ POS.

Similar to when CNN accused President Trump of ‘Murdering Japanese Koi Fish’ in 2017, CNN and others deceptively edited the video to only show the portion of the ‘confrontation’ that fit their narrative.

CNN’s edited clip made it appear that Sandmann and his Covington Catholic school classmates who attended a March for Life event were harassing Phillips and other activists, but the full clip proved the opposite was true.

Both the Washington Post and CNN settled lawsuits from Sandmann, and the Post even issued a correction to their coverage six weeks after the fact.

The initial coverage led to Nick Sandmann being harassed, doxxed, and made the face of ‘white privilege’ across social media. He could not immediately return to school, and his family had to temporarily move out of their home.