Michael Cohen, yes that Michael Cohen who in June 2019 the Democrats were touting as their latest person whose testimony would finally end the evil dictatorship of one Donald J. Trump.

Of course, now we know Michael Cohen’s perjury-laden testimony did no such thing.

After receiving a three-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to numerous charges, including campaign finance fraud and lying to Congress.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Michael Cohen was released from prison in May and is expected to serve out the remainder of his sentence at home.

Amazingly, Michael Cohen is not only allowed to tweet, something he couldn’t do if he was still in prison.

But this convicted perjurer is allowed to write a book and have it published in time to have the Democrats mainstream media cohorts be able to claim that Michael Cohen’s lies are factual evidence that Donald Trump must be defeated in November?

WOW! The Democrats truly have America in a downward spiral.

Of course, to show just how little self-awareness La la land Liberals have.

One of the first people to retweet Michael Cohens idiocy was none other than his best bud, Tom Arnold.

Tom Arnold Is Completely Bereft of Self-Awareness

Yes, the same fist-bumping Tom Arnold is the same Tom Arnold who secretly recorded Michael Cohens Trump-Hate ‘Feelings aren’t Facts,’ whiney phone call…

And Then Sold It To The Wall Street Journal.

In April 2019 the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) came out with a report of a secret recording Tom Arnold made of a recent conversation with Michael Cohen where the former Trump attorney says he lied in his plea bargain and he’s not really guilty of the crimes he swore under oath that he said he committed.

Of course, Tom Arnold then sold the recording to the WSJ, because that’s what best buds do to one another: