Tomi Lahren’s New Year’s Resolutions for liberals: Start listening! (Video)

Tomi Lahren

Fox Nation’s Tomi Lahren had some advice for liberals heading into the 2020 election — get out of your comfort zone.


“The dawn of a new decade and a new election, which will almost certainly yield the same result as 2016, a Donald Trump election, but many liberals still have no idea this is coming,” said Lahren on her Fox Nation show “Final Thoughts” on Wednesday.

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“I hate to break it to you, snowflakes,” she continued. “He’s likely going to win by an even bigger margin this go around. And if that surprises, it’s probably because you exist in the same liberal bubble and listen to the same liberal talking heads and tune out the majority of the country in much the same way you did leading up to 2016 and every single day since.”

So in the spirit of renewal, Lahren offered the following guidance for those Americans who may not always get to hear the other side of the argument.

“Here is my New Year’s resolutions slash advice to you: Start talking to — and this is the kicker — listening to –people who don’t think like you do. It will truly open your eyes to a whole new world called the United States of America, outside of Los Angeles, D.C. and New York City.”

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