Trump Blasts ‘Crazy Nancy Pelosi’ for Breaking Coronavirus Rules To Get Hair Done

Trump Blasts 'Crazy Nancy Pelosi' for Breaking Coronavirus Rules To Get Hair Done
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President Donald Trump slammed Crazy Nancy Pelosi for having a San Francisco salon opened in violation of Covid-19 rules to get her hair done, sparking public disgust that he says will help Republicans regain a majority in Congress.

Tweeting on Wednesday, Trump said, Crazy Nancy was being “decimated” over the footage revealed on Tuesday by Fox News, which showed her at a closed salon in San Francisco. He added that the incident meant Republicans “will almost certainly take back the House and send Nancy packing.”

As TuskerDaily reported yesterday, security footage showed a maskless Pelosi with wet hair walking through eSalon in San Francisco, while a stylist followed behind wearing a mask.

The city’s indoor hair salons have been shut down since March because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Can’t wait until the press calls Nancy Pelosi out for her hypocrisy at her weekly Thursday press conference, and of course, watching pigs fly as well.

Watch: Tucker Carlson Calls Out Crazy Nancy Pelosi For Her COVID Chicanery.

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