Donald Trump blasted the Washington Post for their liberal biased journalism after the newspaper admitted it misquoted the former President who according to WaPo was trying to strongarm Georgia election investigators.

The now-discredited story, published in December, alleged that Trump had instructed the state’s top elections investigator to “find the fraud” that led to Democrat Joe Biden’s election victory and that she would be a “national hero” if she did.

But on Monday, the paper issued a lengthy correction after an audio recording of the conversation from the Wall Street Journal showed that Trump said no such things. The Post admitted that it had “misquoted” Trump based on “information provided by an annonomous source.”

Responding to WaPo’s correction, Trump said that, while he “appreciated” that the error had been fixed, the story had been a “hoax” from the start.

“A strong democracy requires a fair and honest press. This latest media travesty underscores that legacy media outlets should be regarded as political entities–not journalistic enterprises,”

Trump further claimed that “errors, omissions, mistakes and outright lies” by “establishment media” always target himself and other Republicans, while stories that are damaging to Democrats are “buried” or delayed until they are deemed harmless.

Doubling down on accusations that he made after the November election, Trump added that he believed that a “strong investigation” into alleged voting irregularities in Fulton County, Georgia would “totally change the course of the presidential election” in the state.

Trump Rips Into Washington Post


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