Trump Calls Out Democrats Run Cities Crime Rate Chicago Worse Than Afghanistan

President Donald Trump called out the Black Lives Matter #DefundThePolice pandering Democrats, saying the ‘Democrat-run’ Crime-Ridden Cities make it like living in HELL for the black community.

President Trump eviscerated Democrat mayors and the Barack Obama, Joe Biden administration for doing “virtually nothing” to combat violent crime in major American cities that have been run by the Democrats for decades like Detroit and Chicago.
Trump told Fox News anchor Sean Hannity:

“Chicago is an example, it’s worse than Afghanistan, it’s worse than… Honduras and we have cities that are worse, in some cases – far worse.

Take a look at Detroit. Take a look at what’s happening in Oakland. Take a look at what’s happening in Baltimore… These cities, it’s like living in hell.

Trump said that these cities are “Democrat-run,” blaming the Democratic Party for doing “virtually nothing” to curb the high crime rate.

Though the Democrats screech that the annual murder rate has decreased in these cities in recent years.

That doesn’t negate the fact that Chicago, Detroit, and Baltimore are annually on top of any “America’s most dangerous cities” list.

As we reported over Farther’s Day weekend, 100 people, including several children, were gunned down in Chicago, 15 of them fatally.

On May 31st, Chicago had 18 murders in just 24 hours, as the Windy City suffered through their most violent day in 60 years.

According to one of TuskerDaily’s favorite sites HeyJackass which tracks the daily death, destruction, and general criminal mayhem that occurs in Chicago every day.

Chicago Shootings So Far In June 
Shot & Killed: 65
Shot & Wounded: 402
Total Shot: 467
Total Homicides: 69

2020 Total Shootings To Date
Shot & Killed: 287
Shot & Wounded: 1346
Total Shot: 1633
Total Homicides: 314

Chicago Isn’t The Only Crime-Ridden City The Democrats Run

But Chicago isn’t alone. Democrat policies are destroying the lives of residents in every major American metropolis no matter what color you are.

Following NY State Democrat-controlled legislative passing their disastrous No-Bail Reform bill, and making Infanticide abortion legal at the start of 2020.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo bending the knee to BLM, giving driver licenses to illegal aliens.

In New York City, the Big Apple’s moronic Mayor Bill de Blasio’s recent decision to disband the NYPD plainclothes anti-crime unit has had a devastating impact.

Shockingly, NOT SHOCKINGLY, Crime in New York has surged uncontrollably. Shooting in New York City has skyrocketed 348% over 2019.

In one recent 24-hour period, NYC experienced 38 gunshot victims, compared to 12 the year before.

Of course, the fake news media refuses to cover the disastrous way Democrats have run America’s largest cities into the ground.

The Mainstream Media would rather regurgitate the Democrats and their Black Lives Matter cohorts talking points.

MSM also conveniently ignores any and all facts in order to spew their Democrat masters revisionist history when it comes to pushing their ‘America is Racist’ agenda.

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