New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has said he wouldn’t lift the coronavirus economic lockdown of his state if ordered by President Trump, as long as public health was in danger.
But President Trump insisted the New York Democrat Governor’s vaunted “independence” is a pipe dream.

If he ordered me to reopen in a way that would endanger the public health of the people of my state, I wouldn’t do it,” Cuomo said in an interview with CNN on Tuesday.

The interview came a day after President Trump asserted his total authority to lift lockdown measures after he was asked about Cuomo banding together with five other east-coast governors to affirm their right to reopen on their own terms.

Much of Americas economy has been in a state of near-total shutdown for three weeks, and with the Coronavirus pandemics downtrend, President Trump reportedly said he hopes to begin reversing this in early May.

President Trump Lays Down The Post-Coronavirus Law

President Trump has repeatedly stated that he wants to work with the Governors but in the end the order to reopen Americas economy is his alone to give.

On Monday President Trump stated” “it is the decision of the president, and for many good reasons.”

Later that evening at his daily coronavirus press conference, President Trump said he has “total” authority to decide how and when to reboot the economy.

Cuomo disagreed, countering on Tuesday that he had the Constitution on his side.

It says the federal government does not have absolute power.

It says the exact opposite of what the president said. It says that would be a king.

But amazingly, New York’s hypocrite Democrat governor ignores the same U.S. Constitution when signing into law such things as his infanticide abortion bill. And allowing illegal aliens, who are not even legally in the United States, the right to receive a valid New York State Drivers license.

President Trump responded by skewering Cuomo on Twitter for their faux outrage after he did everything in his power to save Gov. Cuomo’s unprepared New York from the coronavirus pandemic.

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