We have reported on many occasions how easy it is for President Donald Trump to make the egregious mainstream media news networks start salivating like Pavlov’s dogs.

President Trump has proven beyond all doubt that he is the fake news media’s puppet master.

Trump has become such a tactician that he can make the fake news media pounce without even saying a word.

As he did when he laid out a ‘Game of Thrones‘ like poster reading “Sanctions Are Coming,” during a press briefing.Donald Trump winter sanctions are coming poster

President Trump’s latest victims are CNN reporter Jim Acosta and ABC News reporter Jon Karl.

The mainstream media more interested in getting the ‘Trump wearing a face mask’ photo, than anything medically related, have hounded the President about not wearing a mask.

In fact last month we produced this meme to show just how moronic CNN’s Jim Acosta and his fake news media cohorts have been over their imbecilic quest for their ‘Trump wearing a mask’ picture.

CNN Jim Acosta President Trump Coronavirus mask

Trump’s Makes His ‘Pavlov’s Dog’ Fake News Media’ Salivate…AGAIN

After President Trump’s new White House spokesperson Kayleigh McEnaney confirmed that “there a member of the Vice President’s team was exposed to coronavirus,” the fake news media pounced.

Despite President Trump maintaining social distancing while greeting several World War II veterans.

ABC News reporter Jon Karl questioned why the president did not wear a mask during an outdoor ceremony that commemorated the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe:

“Did he [Trump] give any consideration to wearing a mask given his valet just tested positive, he’s with some of those in the most vulnerable population, did he consider wearing masks?” 

Kayleigh McEnaney replied.

“This president is regularly tested. This president will make the decision whether to wear a mask or not. 

I can tell you we’ve taken every single precaution to protect the president. 

The same guidelines that our experts have put in place. We clean the facility. We social distance. We keep people six feet away from one another. 

So we’ve done every single thing that Dr. Birx and Dr. Fauci have told of us.”

As our early April meme depicted, after Karl’s gas-lighting the administration with another imbecilic “Why isn’t Trump wearing a mask?’ question.

President Trump, absolutely knowing how the egregious ‘Get Trump’ media will react, mocked them for something that was so painfully obvious: 

“I noticed a lot of the reporters aren’t wearing masks.” 

Low and behold the very next day.

Not only was CNN’s ‘Dear Diary’ Jim Acosta, and ABC’s Jon Karl wearing masks, so were the other 14 reporters in the briefing room.

Of course, this marked the very first time since the coronavirus virus pandemic began that the media have worn face masks.

mainstream media White House reporters wear face masks

Donald Trump must be having a good old fashion belly laugh over the fact that, no matter how many times he rings that bell.

Like Pavlov’s dogs, the fake news media come running to devour whatever the President is serving.

President Trump's Pavlov's dogs fake news media



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