Trump Impeachment TDS

As the Senate Impeachment begins in an op-ed published by, Two Trump Impeachment TDS morons argued that President Donald Trump is mentally incompetent to stand trial.

In their op-ed published by titled: Donald Trump Should Not Be Tried … He May Not Be Mentally Competent.

Former Bush White House ethics attorney Richard Painter and Yale forensic psychiatrist Bandy Lee insanely argued that President Trump was mentally unfit to stand trial in his Senate Impeachment hearing.

Painter and Lee wrote

Under well established principles of justice in the United States, a Defendant who is not mentally competent to stand trial cannot be tried.

We believe that Donald John Trump should not, and cannot, be tried for impeachable offenses, as set forth by the House of Representatives, because of his apparent mental incapacities.

Their evidence includes:

President Trump Saying “I Don’t Know Lev Parnas”

“Despite mountains of evidence that he not only knew Lev Parnas but that Mr. Parnas was in his “inner circle,” Mr. Trump declares adamantly, “I don’t know him at all, don’t know what he’s about, don’t know where he comes from, know nothing about him.”

Either he is a pathological liar or has severe cognitive impairment, and both are worrisome signs of mental compromise.

Of course, these two morons are taking the word of someone who was on MSNBC and CNN while wearing an ankle tracking collar because he was arrested in October.

In a related story we proved that Lev Parnas was not a person that could be trusted: Lev Parnas Lied About Trump Getting Rid Of Yovanovitch


“Despite very, very clear indications that Hurricane Dorian was not going to reach Alabama, Mr. Trump took out a “Sharpie” pen and manufactured an illusory path of the Hurricane.

This is not normal but dangerous. People across the country rely on their President to alert them accurately to potential threats from weather and other conditions.”

Hysterically, Painter and Lee wrote, “He could have been misinformed, but we know he was not.” Why? Because.

Of course, their Trump Derangement forbids them to state facts like the National Weather Service did issue warnings for Alabama.

That is NOT our opinion but as reported by NPR (no friends of Trumps) NOAA’s the parent agency of the National Weather Service said that President Trump was correct when he claimed earlier this week that Hurricane Dorian had threatened the state of Alabama.

“Twitter Storms”

Many of us have read one or more (or a thousand) tweets from this man’s mind. A few are legitimate, but, truthfully, most reveal a serious level of dysfunction, such as the following:


So according to these two simpleminded stooges ‘one must be declared Insane if they Tweet out that their innocent or a differing opinion from the opposing party?

Now do AOC, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib or any other Democrat who has spewed their Trump Deranged conspiracies over the past three years.

How many times has President Trump been declared a traitor (which is a hangable offense) only to have the Mueller report clear the President of any collusion with Russia?

How many times has President Trump been accused of supposed crimes that former President Barrack Obama actually committed?

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Thanks Obama For Creating Illegal Immigrant Cages For Children min
Trump blamed for the Illegal Immigrant Children Cages that Obama created.


And… And?

That it! If you were expecting more evidence…Don’t hold your breath.

That is all of the supposed evidence that Painter and Lee’s presented proving that President Trump is unfit to stand trial in the Democrats Impeachment hoax.

Now let’s talk about who’s truly insane!

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