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Trump, James O’Keefe Hint Something Big About To Drop On Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders

President Donald Trump and journalist James O’Keefe hinted on Sunday that something big is about to drop on Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders as the 78-year-old socialist has surged in recent polls.

James O’Keefe quickly followed up to Trump’s tweet, writing, “Stay tuned everyone. Something very big is going to happen. The first bombshell tape is going to drop this week.”

USA Today reported on Sunday that Sanders “is solidly second in most national polls behind Biden, and he either leads or is tied in recent polls in the first two states that vote, Iowa and New Hampshire.”

In a recent interview with Politico, Jim Messina, Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign manager, warned Democrats that if Sanders is the Democratic nominee that Democrats will struggle across the board in national elections.

“If I were a campaign manager for Donald Trump and I look at the field, I would very much want to run against Bernie Sanders,” Messina said. “I think the contrast is the best. He can say, ‘I’m a business guy, the economy’s good and this guy’s a socialist.’ I think that contrast for Trump is likely one that he’d be excited about in a way that he wouldn’t be as excited about Biden or potentially Mayor Pete or some of the more Midwestern moderate candidates.”

“From a general election perspective, socialism is not going to be what Democrats are going to want to defend,” Messina continued. “If you’re the Democratic nominee for the Montana Senate race, you don’t want to spend the election talking about socialism.”


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