Those Coronavirus press briefings were supposed to have been dry, data-driven and boring, But President Trump has turned them into ‘Must Watch TV’ because he slams the fake news media for their TDS idiocy every chance he gets.

Yes, the first few weeks were extremely annoying having to listen to sanctimonious Trump Deranged fake news journalists spewing imbecilic questions.

But President Trump’s White House Coronavirus press briefings have now become a joy to watch thanks to President Trump slapping down the media morons.

Never before has a president been so unafraid of skewering the mainstream media.

Better yet, not only is President Trump unafraid, he does little to hide the fact that he despises each and every one of them.

Trump Knocks Out CBS

Case in point, the president’s response to CBS News reporter Paula Reid when she didn’t ask but scolded the President: “Why are there are no consequences for China for the misinformation they share(d) about the new coronavirus.”

After listening to Reid spew her imbecilic statement. President Trump wasted little time in putting CBS’s TDS infected media hack back in her place:

Trump exploded: “How do you know that?” “How do you know there are no consequences?”

Reid quickly tried backtracking asking: “What are the consequences?”

Trump: China will find out. Why would I tell you?”

Reid persisted: “They are stonewalling…”

Trump quickly corrected Reid’s revisionist history: “No, you started off by saying why are there no consequences… How do you know there are no consequences,”

Amazingly, being the anti-Trump CBS fake journalist she is, Paula Reid obnoxiously tried again.

That’s when the president cut her off by saying: “I wouldn’t tell you,” pausing for a moment before delivering the final knockout blow: “You’d probably be the last person on earth I’d tell.”

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