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Trump Mocks NYT, CNN for ‘Fake News’ Report He Wants His Face Added To Mt. Rushmore, But Says It ‘Sounds Like a Good Idea’

Trump added to Mt. Rushmore
President Trump mocked the New York Times, and CNN for their report suggesting that he inquired about updating Mount Rushmore to include his own face, but noted, jokingly, that he was open to the proposal.

President Trump took to Twitter to lash out at The New York Times, as well as CNN, which, of course, jumped on the Times’ idiocy and ran a similarly salacious story based on the papers imbecilic reporting.

“This is Fake News by the failing @nytimes & bad ratings @CNN. Never suggested it although, based on all of the many things accomplished during the first 3 1/2 years, perhaps more than any other Presidency, sounds like a good idea to me!”  

The New York Times citing one of their infamous and always wrong “Republican official familiar with the conversation,” the former ‘paper of record’ claimed that a White House aide had contacted the South Dakota governor’s office last year to ask about adding “additional presidents” to the state’s famous sculpture, which features images of Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt.

According to the Times’ anonymous source, Trump asked South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, in a 2018 meeting about him wanting to give Mount Rushmore a facelift since.

The New York Times imaginary informant added that it was his [Trump] “dream” to have his likeness be etched into the iconic mountain. Noem supposedly responded that she thought the president was joking at first, but that his facial expression suggested he was “totally serious.”

This New York Times/CNN fantasy is rooted in a Trump rally in 2017 when he said in jest:

“I’d ask whether or not you think I will someday be on Mount Rushmore, but here’s the problem: If I did it joking, totally joking, having fun, the fake news media will say ‘he believes he should be on Mount Rushmore,’”

Of course, as most know by now, the loony-toon liberal left has no concept of humor, which is something President Trump has often taken advantage of to troll the mainstream media.

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CNN Pounces On New York Times Trump’s Mount Rushmore Idiocy

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