Trump Registering More Voters Than Biden in Key Battleground States

Vote Red in 2020 Red Wave
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Despite the NFL, NBA, and Hollywood La La Land liberals helping the Democrats in an all-out effort to get American’s registered to vote, President Trump has added more voters than Democrat Joe Biden in three key battleground states heading into the election.

NBC News reported that in Florida, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania, voter registration numbers are trending right.

Four years ago, Donald Trump won those three battleground states, along with Arizona, Michigan, and Wisconsin, by less than 5 percentage points.

Battleground States numbers show that:

  • Republicans in Florida added a net 195,652 registered voters from the March primary through the end of August, while Democrats added 98,362.
  • Republicans in Pennsylvania added a net 135,619 voters from the GOP primary in June through September, compared to the 57,985 voters Democrats added.
  • Republicans in North Carolina added a net 83,785 voters from the March primary through September, compared to the 38,137 voters Democrats added.
  • Arizona Republicans are trailing Democrats in net voter registration, 31,139 to 29,667, but the GOP’s registration numbers there and in Florida, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina are increasing at a higher pace than they were ahead of the 2016 election.

As TuskerDaily reported last week, According to RealClearPolitics, Joe Biden’s polling numbers have been trending downward through the summer.

In July Biden led over Trump nationally had ballooned to double digits and over 6 points in battleground states.

But there are signs Trump’s ground operation is paying off when it comes to registering new voters in key states, an advantage that could ultimately end with Trump being reelected on Nov. 3.

According to RealClearPolitics, in the top battleground states, Biden lead has shrunk to just 3 percentage points.

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