President Trump blasted reports he’s considering imposing martial law as “fake news” and called his former National Security Advisor John Bolton “one of the dumbest people in Washington,” after Bolton called the idea “appalling.”

“Martial law = Fake News,” Donald Trump tweeted, before targeting Bolton, a former member of his administration who became a vocal critic of the incumbent president after parting ways with Trump in September last year.

Trump reminded his Twitter followers how, in 2018, then-advisor Bolton threw a wrench into the talks with North Korea on its nuclear arsenal by suggesting it follow the Obama/Biden/Hillary Clinton “Libya model” of regime change/disarmament.

Despite Libya’s leader Muammar Gaddafi agreeing to Obama’s demand to shut down his nuclear weapons program in exchange for rapprochement with the West.

In 2011, Samantha Power banded together with then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and then-UN Ambassador Susan Rice to lobby President Obama for regime change in Libya.

The outcome of the Obama led NATO operation was utter devastation that persists today.

Obama’s backstabbing of Gaddafi after he agreed to do whatever the Obama/Biden administration demanded became relevant in 2020, due to Joe Biden nominating last week one of the Lybian regime change chief architects, Samantha Power, to head USAID.

You can read more about that trainwreck here.

CNN Martial Law Rabbit Hole

Despite knowing the depth of stupidity that CNN has gone in pushing any number of Trump-Hate fearmongering stories.

To my shame and horror, I just couldn’t turn away from watching CNN host Wolf Blitzer’s slow-moving train wreck of idiocy.

What started as a typical ‘Anonymous sources told CNN‘ story, quickly turned into a Clown News Network masterpiece.

It was simply mesmerized watching, and wondering just how far CNN was willing to travel down their Anonymous source martial law’ rabbit hole.

Bottom line…They went pretty deep

CNN Trusting John Bolton Is The Cherry On Top Of Their Trump-Hate Sundae

After showing clips of former National Security Advisor Gen. Michael Flynn and others argue that the precedent to declare ‘Martial law’ was set by Abraham Lincoln during the run-up to the US Civil War. 

CNN slowly went from reporting ‘an idea Trump never seriously considered’ to later screeching ‘We’re just one month away from President-Elect Joe Biden being inaugurated and Trump is talking about ‘Martial Law?’

The meeting, first reported by the New York Times is based on accounts of “two people briefed on the discussion”.

In other words, CNN spent hours bloviating over a You know what I heard happened in the meetingnews source.

The hours of CNN’s martial law insanity was brought to a head when Wolf Blitzer interviewed former National Security Advisor John Bolton.

Now let’s remember when President Trump named Bolton as his National Security Advisor. CNN absolutely eviscerated Bolton, labeling him a warmongering delusional crackpot.

But the moment Trump fired Bolton for all his crazy ‘regime-change’ talk. Amazingly, CNN not treats John Bolton as a reliable and trusted news source.

What’s most insane about CNN spending countless hours implying that ‘Trump’s secretly planning a military coup.’

CNN must wholeheartedly believe the military will simply go along with President Trump declaring martial law and overthrowing the US Government?

The reason is clear as to why CNN won’t spend even a moment investigating and/or discussing which military leaders were siding with Trump to overthrow the United States government and start a civil war.

Because the idea is simply batshit crazy!

But CNN knowing the Democrat drones will only regurgitate what they’ve been told. They spent hours shrieking “Breaking News: Trump’s planning a Military Coup”

Typical Delusional CNN Martial Law Viewer…

Going From This…

To This…



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