Trump slams Portland’s ‘incompetent’ mayor, calls for National Guard

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President Trump ripped Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler in a string of tweets early Sunday as “incompetent” and called on local officials to ask him for help to quell the violence that has been rocking the Oregon city for months and led to the death of Jay Bishop on August 29th.

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Wheeler’s “open letter” is a masterpiece of smirking ignorance, partisan buffoonery,  and lies.

Fox News:

Wheeler shared his open letter to Trump on Friday, as protests and violence in his city had already been going on for 90 days.

“On behalf of the City of Portland: No thanks,” Wheeler wrote in an open letter to Trump Friday. “We don’t need your politics of division and demagoguery.”

The letter continued: “Portlanders are onto you. We have already seen your reckless disregard for human life in your bumbling response to the COVID pandemic. And we know you’ve reached the conclusion that images of violence or vandalism are your only ticket to reelection.”

Those “images of violence” have a source, moron. And they’re your fault.




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