Trump: Sleepy Joe Biden Must Be Getting ‘Big, Fat Shots in the Ass’ of Energizing Drugs

Joe Biden Big, Fat Shots in the Ass Energizing Drugs
President Donald Trump mercilessly taunted Sleepy Joe Biden over his cognitive decline being clearly evident one day, then miraculously cure the next.
Trump told his supporters in Fayetteville, North Carolina, that his Democratic nemesis must be taking performance-enhancing substances and should undergo a drug test.

Using his nickname for his Democratic opponent, Trump said that “Sleepy Joe” is appearing conspicuously efficient during debates and public events.

Ironically, this is the very same subject we reported on just a few days ago in our article: Is Joe Biden Taking Adderall or Ritalin For His Dementia?

In that story we had written:

Is Joe Biden Taking Adderall or Ritalin For His Dementia? Because over the past few days the Joe Biden that America witnessed in California, and Florida was vastly different than the one that appeared on last night’s CNN Town Hall.

Donald Trump Trolls Sleepy Joe Biden

He then continued his thoughts about performance-enhancing substances being behind Joe Biden’s, off-again, on-again clarity, saying with a grin:

“Don’t underestimate [him], he’s been doing this for 47 years. And I got a debate coming up with this guy.

You never know, they gave him a big, fat shot in the ass and he comes out. And for two hours he’s better than ever before.

The problem is, what happens after that,” 

The Fayetteville, North Carolina crowd broke out in hilarious laughter at Trump’s trolling of ‘Sleepy Joe’.

Of course, Trump talking about Joe Biden’s Cognitive Decline isn’t something new, after has already stating that ‘Dementia Joe‘ is too senile to be President of the United States.

With a little more than a week to go before the first of three pivotal 2020 Presidential Debates between Sleepy Joe and President Donald Trump takes place.

Read when the debates take place here.

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