Democrats Witch Hunt Timeline

The America First Action PAC released a timeline of the ongoing “witch hunt” against President Donald Trump

The deeply researched timeline details all of the evidence of federal law enforcement officers, intelligence agencies, and government deep state efforts in trying to cripple President Trump’s administration

“Their perverse scheme took the instruments of government designed to protect American democracy and used them to undermine it,” wrote PAC officials in a forthcoming release.

They added, it  “follows the genesis and development of the deep state’s Witch Hunt against President Donald J. Trump, a monstrous conspiracy against the American people and the American system of government.”

Beginning with the FBI’s actions against Carter Page and George Papadopoulos in 2016, the timeline highlights efforts by the Hillary Clinton campaign to obtain the phony dossier from Fusion GPS.

The timeline continues with the currently well-known efforts by FBI Director James Comey and other officials to launch the operation “Crossfire Hurricane” to surveil members of Trump’s campaign.

Each point in the timeline is well documented with stories in the media and from the reports from the Justice Department Inspector General.

See The Witch Hunt Timeline Here

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