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President Trump says Mideast peace is toughest deal to make, new proposal is ‘overly good’ to the Palestinians.

President Trump on Monday said he is confident in his proposed Middle East peace plan set to be announced later this week, despite the Palestinians roundly rejecting the deal.

Speaking following a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Trump said he believes that Palestinian leaders would be quietly negotiating with Washington and Tel Aviv even though they have objected to his proposed plan.

“It’s something they should want,” Trump said, adding that he will formally announce the plan on Tuesday. “They probably won’t want it initially. I think in the end they will. I think in the end they’re going to want it. It’s very good for them.”

He called it a “suggestion” for Israel and the Palestinians and then referred to the long-awaited plan as a “very big plan.” At the same time, Trump hinted that he knows the Palestinians might not accept it.

“We’ll see what happens,” Trump said. “Without them, we don’t do the deal. That’s OK. … We think that there is a very good chance that they’re going to want this.”



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