Trump Tribute To Italy Coronavirus

We could all use some encouragement right now, most of us hunkered down, washing our hands, full of foreboding, and wondering just how long coronavirus will upend our lives.

As with any dark time in human history, Coronavirus has brought forth heroes — Chinese citizens braving the Communist Party’s censors and lies to informed the word of this deadly new virus, the dedicated doctors and nurses around the world working themselves to exhaustion and in some cases succumbing to the virus themselves.

Italy is right now the hardest-hit country after China, where this virus originated.

More than 21,000 Italians have been confirmed with the disease, and more than 1,400 have died.

Striving to bravely support one another, in a country now under lockdown, Italians have been singing from their balconies.

Many of these scenes are beautiful, haunting, but also filled with sadness knowing their situation.

On Saturday afternoon, in a show of support to a country that has given so much to America, President Trump tweeted out this 54-second video clip, which as best I can determine was filmed in Italy last September.

Under the caption “THE UNITED STATES LOVES ITALY!” it serves as a message of defiance, of joyous humanity, and of a dawn that will soon come for the Italian people.

Best of all the scene is set to the magical voice of Luciano Pavarotti.


Here’s a sample of the wonderful spirit of the Italian people.

And with a name like Dominick Mezzapesa whose grandfather came to America from Bari, Italy, and with family still living there.

I not ashamed to say it brought tears to my eyes watching it.

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