On Sunday, President Joe Biden was confronted about the migrant children border crisis he created and the news that former President Donald Trump may be visiting the border?

The reporter asked Biden:

“Mr. President, we have seen Republican senators at the border. Former President Trump says he’s been asked by some border patrol agents to go to the border, do you think that would be productive? And any timetable on when you might go?”

Biden replied with what has now become the Administration’s canned answer to whenever he’s asked a question that begins with “When”:

“We are putting in place a plan that I feel very confident about. And, and, uh, I don’t care what the other guy does.”

66 days into his administration and Joe Biden is still working on plans to:

  • Grant access to reporters to document first-hand the inhumane treatment of Migrant Children taking place inside Joe Biden’s Migrant Holding Facilities.
  • Allowing journalists to resume doing ride-along’s with Border Patrol agents that they had been allowed to do when Trump was President.
  • Visiting the Migrant Border Crisis that he created.
  • Increase the available space needed to hold the 18,000 migrant kids in custody that continues to add another 500 unaccompanied minors every single day.
  • Kamala Harris to work with the countries that these migrant kids from coming from in order to slow the surge

Of course, all these plans should have been worked on during the 2-month period that Joe Biden was President-Elect.

It is simply egregious that Joe Biden is only NOW working on plans after he was warned about the migrant surge which had started the day after Biden won the 2020 presidential election.

If you think that’s hyperbole, and how could poor old Joe Biden know a migrant surge was coming?

On December 9th TuskerDaily reported: Migrant Caravans Are Back and Heading For America.

But here we are, over 4 months after he was elected President and Joe Biden “Is NOW Working On Plans”

Joe Biden Calls Former President “The other guy”?

Trump Visiting The Border After Watching Bumbling Biden’s News Conference

Former President Trump told Fox News Saturday night he intends to visit the southern border soon, as he criticized the Biden administration’s response to an uptick in migrants arriving there.

Trump Blasts Bumbling Biden’s First Press Conference

As TuskerDaily reported, On Thursday, former President Trump reacted to Joe Biden’s disastrous first press conference in over two months in office.

Donald Trump spoke to Laura Ingraham and stated:

“Nobody’s ever seen anything like it! You know it. You know it better than anybody. You cover it so well.

It’s very sad to watch, actually.”

Biden also announced his intention to run for re-election in 2024, although many are questioning whether he can even last through 2021.

On Wednesday, Joe Biden handed off the migrant border crisis that his White House created to America’s apparent de facto President, Kamala Harris.

According to Trump’s senior aide Jason Miller, the former president may visit the border “soon.”

Miller added:

“It may not just be a matter of whether Trump beats Biden to the border, but whether he can also get there before Kamala Harris.”

Either way, neither Harris nor Biden has any intentions of visiting the border. Biden and Harris know all too well if they visited the border,  they won’t be able to later claim they weren’t informed of the inhumane conditions these migrant children are living in.

Also, unlike former President Trump who once declared the migrant surge that took place during his watch as a ‘Humanitarian Crisis”.

Joe Biden has no intention of doing anything to fix the problem except to throw more taxpayer dollars at it, and hope the summer heat will force the surge to slow to a crawl so he can declare he solved the problem…until the fall that is.




  1. I’m uh, uh,will circle back on the border question, as for the other guy everyone knows the problems at the border was caused by him, he should’ve went there when he was president, now he will try to take credit for what I’m doing. But that’s ok with me, I’m uh uh uh generous guy.

  2. As I recall during bidens debates said they have the plan do get america going forward….So know it seems they are just winging it ..they never had a plan …unless it was to rip us off….2 trillion dollars people ….and only 400 billion for us of our money..so that leaves them 1,600 billion to fill their bank accounts….2 is a small number …trillion is not….if they told you 2,000 billion dollars of our money and you get less then 25 percent, would you think thats good..if so hell I will do that with you all too…give me 100 bucks each and I will give you back 20…I am all in.

    get it

    you been played like a fiddle…bam

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