Trump Vows Iran Will Be Held Responsible For U.S. Embassy Attack

After hundreds of Iranian Terrorist supporters converged on the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad President Trump responded by blaming Iran for “orchestrating” the attack and vowing retaliation.


On Tuesday, dozens of Iranian backed terrorist supporters broke down a door into the reception area of the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, setting the room on fire before U.S. guards repelled them using tear gas and gunfire.

The Associated Press reports.

“The mob of marchers, many of them in militia uniforms, shouted ‘Down, Down USA!’ and ‘Death to America’ and ‘Death to Israel’ outside the compound, hurling water and stones over its walls,”

“The mob set fire to three trailers used by security guards along the wall… Others then smashed the gates used by cars to enter and dozens pushed into the compound. The protesters stopped in a corridor after about 5 meters (16 feet), and were only about 200 meters away from the main building. Half a dozen U.S. soldiers were seen on the roof of the main building, their guns were pointed at the protesters. Smoke from the tear gas rose in the area.”

Iraqi security forces reportedly “made no effort to stop the protesters as they marched to the heavily-fortified Green Zone after a funeral held for those killed in the U.S. airstrikes, letting them pass through a security checkpoint leading to the area.”

The attack was a retaliation for the U.S. military’s airstrikes Sunday, which killed some 25 of the Iran-backed militia, Kataeb Hezbollah. The U.S. conducted the strikes in response to the death of an American contractor last week resulting from the group firing a rocket at an Iraqi military base.

Trump vowed to respond to Iran aggressively.

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