Fox News host Tucker Carlson blasted Jill Biden as ‘borderline illiterate’ and ‘not very bright’ because of errors in her Ph.D. dissertation that earned her a doctorate in education from the University of Delaware.

As TuskerDaily reported earlier, Carlson’s comments are part of a simmering controversy ignited by a Wall Street Journal op-ed earlier this week criticizing the incoming first lady for using ‘Dr.’ as an honorific even though she’s not a physician.

The op-ed by Joseph Epstein, who addressed Jill as ‘kiddo’ and wrote that Jill Biden’s use of “Dr.” felt fraudulent and comical since the wife of President-elect Joe Biden doesn’t have a medical background.

As one would have expected, after Epstein’s op-ed was published, the liberal left’s social media outrage machine came roaring to life.

During his Monday night telecast, Tucker Carlson mocked these unhinged SJWs by stating that “Dr.” Jill Biden has the same degree as Dr. Bill Cosby and Dr. Pepper.

Jill Biden Dissertation

On Wednesday, Carlson followed up his earlier takedown, by reporting that he read through Dr. Jill’s 2006, 130-plus page academic paper.

Tucker Carlson started off his critique by announcing:

‘Dr. Jill needs reading glasses.’

‘Either that, or she’s borderline illiterate. There are typos everywhere, including in the first graph of the introduction.’

‘Dr. Jill can’t write, she can’t really think clearly either,’

‘Parts of the dissertation seems to be written in a foreign language using English words.

‘They’re essentially pure nonsense like pig Latin or dogs barking.

Carlson blasted the fake news media, saying it wouldn’t ‘allow’ people to ‘point out that Jill isn’t really a doctor, maybe not even very bright.’



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