Twitter has suspended a popular conservative account for posting a ‘I’m On Team Joe’ meme about presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

It all started when the Biden campaign made the incredibly stupid decision to promote a create-your-own “I’m On Team Joe” meme generator on its campaign website — a move that certainly did not go as planned.

But before Clueless Joe’s dementia eased up enough for him to realize his campaign’s mistake, social media was in full meme mode.

For whatever reason Twitter decided to tell user #axl to go ‘Learn To Code’ and kicked hiom off their social media platform.

Though the offending tweet cannot be seen since @ALX’s account has been suspended, some twitter users were able to grab a screenshot of the meme that Twitter found offensive.



Despite Twitter not finding the Joe Biden memes amusing…

By late Thursday night, Twitter was teeming with fake ‘I’m On Team Joe’ endorsements.

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