As we reported earlier Greg Pinelo, a key member of Obama’s media team in 2008 and again in 2012 posted a tweet insinuating that President Trump staged the whole White House shooting, and he was joined in that delusion by many of the liberal mob’s twittering twits.

Of course, I must assume these dimwitted Democrats also believed that the Secret Service would whole heartily play along with such shenanigans?

After an officer-involved shooting near the White House forced the Secret Service to interrupt President Trump’s news conference and move him to a more secure location.

The U.S. Secret Service issued a tweet confirming the shooting:

Of Course, The Delusional Democrats Pounced

After President Trump returned to the podium, he informed the press there had been a shooting but had no details outside of that.

But Pinelo wasn’t having any of Trump’s BS.

So they immediately started posting their Trump-hate conspiracy theory’s insinuating that Trump staged the whole event for what, I have no clue?

After all, President Trump returned to the podium minutes later and resumed his news conference.