Twitter Sues Texas Laughably Claims: They're Trying To Intimidate, Harass, & Cancel Our First Amendment Rights

President Donald Trump started off his day by reaffirming his belief that the elections were stolen and then rightfully taking credit for Moderna pharmaceuticals announcing their new coronavirus vaccine which had been developed using funds from his administration’s Operation Warp Speed endeavor.

Despite the fact that President Trump’s legal team has filed numerous lawsuits, right on cue, Twitter promptly slapped its now-ubiquitous warning labels on some of President Trump’s tweets.

Twitter’s censors ignored the fact that this was President Trump’s opinion, and immediately placed a label over his tweet reading “This claim about election fraud is disputed.” 

Of course, Twitter has absolutely no problem with the left’s opinion that Joe Biden is now ‘President-Elect Joe Biden‘, Despite the fact that the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) has not officially named a winner, nor have they certified the 2020 Presidential election results.

Trump’s Twitter COVID-19 Vaccine Tweet Aims To Head Off Joe Biden’s Revisionist History

Trump, without-a-doubt deserves full credit for today’s Moderna announcing their coronavirus vaccine breakthrough, as the company’s research was funded by his administration’s Operation Warp Speed – a $10 billion program aimed at fast-tracking a COVID-19 vaccine.

President Trump’s tweet was aimed to counter Joe Biden’s expected revisionist history.

If Joe Biden ultimately succeeds in stealing the election and is certified the next POTUS.

When these new Coronavirus vaccines are finally able to eradicate the COVID-19 virus, similar to when President Trump had America’s economic engine running on all cylinders, Joe Biden will declare that he was responsible for the results.

Unfortunately, the reality of both situations is that unless Joe Biden was taking a tour, he wasn’t near the Oval Office when either event took place.

But then again Joe Biden never let facts get in the way of him taking credit for anything, and it’s unlikely that he’ll make ‘Telling The Truth’ part of his 2021 New Years Resolution.

Moderna’s Coronavirus vaccine announcement was the second major revelation concerning the battle to end COVID-19 in the past week.

As we reported just days after the 2020 Presidential election, Pfizer announced that its coronavirus vaccine was found to be more than 90 percent effective in clinical trials.

While Pfizer immediately tried to cozy up to Biden by claiming that because they didn’t take any of the Trump administrations Operation Warp Speed funds. President Trump deserved no credit for the development of their Coronavirus vaccine.

But like Joe Biden, and the Democrats’, Pfizer’s feelings aren’t facts swipe of President Trump was skewed more toward their ‘Feelings’ than ‘Facts’ as they were forced to issue a ‘sorry, not sorry’ apology after they were caught in a lie.

Pfizer was actually exposed by its own press release announcing that the pharmaceutical company had accepted $2 billion from the Trump administration for mass production and distribution.


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