Twitter’s Algorithm is seriously glitching out, as any tweet using the words “oxygen” and “frequency,” automatically triggers the malfunctioning twit bot to flag these tweets with a Covid-19 fact-check warning.
The strange conspiracy message began appearing on Friday, and it’s not hard to imagine what happened next.
Similar to when Twitter’s asshat algorithm became triggered by any Twitter user Tweeting “Learn To Code“. Within hours, people were testing it with random posts that mentioned the two trigger words in tweets that weren’t at all related to the coronavirus pandemic, or COVID-19.
But what these “oxygen” and “frequency,” tweets have accomplished was exposing the absurdity of Twitter’s Flat-Earth beliving algorithm, and what an out-of-control dystopian nightmare @jack created.

Twitter’s Algorithm Gets Triggered

“Post anything random about oxygen and frequency and Twitter slaps a weird editorial note on your post,” journalist Tim Pool tweeted, along with a perfectly reasonable sentence about scuba diving. Sure enough, it got flagged.

Of course, TuskerDaily just had to test out Twitter’s Triggered algorithm ourselves. So, we tweeted: