Two Federal Officers Gunned Down In Oakland Floyd Protests

Two Federal Officers Gunned Down During Oakland George Floyd Protests
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Two federal officers in Oakland were shot Friday night, one of them fatally, as protests over the death of George Floyd roiled the city amid nationwide violence, according to reports.

Nearly 10,000 people took to the streets of the California community, at one point stopping traffic, looting stores like Target and Walgreens, and setting fire to a Chase bank.

The two shot Federal Protective Service officers, who work for Homeland Security, were based at the Oakland Downtown Federal Building, according to CNN.

The shooting is under investigation and it’s unclear if it was related to the protests, an Oakland police spokeswoman told tv station KPIX 5.

What initially began as a peaceful protest ended with at least 18 arrests and six Oakland police officers hurt, in addition to the FPS officers who were shot.

U.S. Marshals, Homeland Security and FBI agents are leading the investigation into the shooting that took place at the large federal complex including the federal courthouse located at 12th and Clay streets.

Video show windows shattered at the main entrance to the facility and large presence of federal law enforcement officials around the building.

Bullet holes were also seen at the guardhouse behind 12th St. and Jefferson St.

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