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John Sullivan, the ANTIFA anarchist who pretended to be a MAGA supporter and was arrested for taking part in the U.S. Capitol rioting, was an Olympic speed skating hopeful and appeared in an Uber commercial before turning the wheel hard left.

Sullivan, 26, appeared in the Uber commercial as a speed skater and aspiring Olympian. It aired in August 2016 on national television according to PT News.

Here’s the commercial from the Uber’s YouTube account…Oh, wait you can’t see it because Uber is desperately trying to disassociate themselves with Sullivan.

John Sullivan Uber Commercial

Fortunately, TuskerDaily obtained a copy and posted it on our YouTube account:

Why is Uber Trying To Hide Their John Sullivan Video?

As of now Uber has not issued a statement about this commercial.

But why hide their assosiation? What’s wrong with Uber issuing a press release saying something to the effect:

‘At the time we filmed this commercial, Uber proudly supported John Williams.

He was an Olympic hopeful and at the time Uber, as we do now, proudly support America’s young athletes.

While Uber condemns his participarting in the Capitol Hill riots. As a company we have no control over the path any individual choses in life.’

Surprisingly, the Uber Blog spotlight article about John Sullivan is still viewable: Meet John: An Aspiring Speed Skater but for how long is anyone’s guess.

Sullivan also posted his Uber commercial on a GoFundMe page which he apparently started in hopes of funding his Olympic dreams.

The account raised $2,680 but is now closed since a notice was posted stating: This fundraiser is no longer accepting donations. 

John Sullivan’s Arrest

John Sullivan, was charged with entering a restricted building and violent entry or disorderly conduct.
He claimed in a CNN interview that he was a Black Lives Matter supporter and he joined the riot as undercover journolist who was there “documenting” the Capitol Hill chaos as it happened.

But court document show that Sullivan Sullivan not only had no press credentials. He also did much more than just “document” what has happening, he cheerfully participated in the riot.

Sulivan can be heard saying in the video that he himself filmed:

  • “Let’s burn this shit down.”
  • “We did this s—, together,”
  • “This is f—— history”
  • “We’re all a part of this f—— history.”

The Court filing also shows that following the death of George Floyd last year, Sullivan founded an activist group called Insurgence USA that advocates for racial justice.

In July 2020, Sullivan lead an Insurgence USA protest in Provo, Utah.  During the supposedly ‘Peaceful Protest’ Sullivan was arrested and charged with a felony rioting and criminal mischief.

Those charges are still pending.

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