Rep. Maxine Waters went on a huge rant to try and scare Americans into thinking the Republicans will go rogue and disregard the rules and the Constitution during the Senate trial on impeachment.

What she had to say is very ironic since the Democrats really did hold unfair hearings in the House. Maxine is projecting!

Waters wants to delegitimize the Senate trial before it even begin:

“They’re about to see McConnell and the Republicans run over the Constitution, disregard everybody. He’s told you in advance that he’s not going to be fair, and so we’re about to see something worse that this country’s ever seen.”

Speaking of unfair, Waters has been horrible to President Trump his entire presidency. She has screamed and ranted that she wants to impeach President Trump for years!

You have to ask yourself what kind of news network would allow a despicable person like Maxine Waters to come on their network and spew hateful rhetoric about a sitting president.

#AMJoy with political hack Joy Reid is about as low as it gets on supposed news shows these days. You can always count on “Auntie” Maxine to come on the show every weekend to trash President Trump and to claim he’s “not worthy”. It must get old trying to reinvent the impeachment wheel every weekend.

You’d almost think Waters is a little scared of what 6 more years of Trump sunlight will bring.

Watch Maxine in action and her sidekick nodding in approval…it’s almost funny except Waters is on the verge of needing to be censured for her comments.



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