With the next presidential election taking place on November 3, 2020, as you may have heard from nearly every news network. Democrat Joe Biden has already beaten President Donald Trump in next week’s Presidential election.

But while the liberal-biased media screeches that Joe Biden has won because he’s leading in the national polls by double-digits.

They know all too well that America chooses the winner of the Presidential election by the Electoral College vote.

Since the Oddsmakers in Las Vegas have no agenda except to see their bookies break even (they profit from the vig every single bettor pays), that makes them some of the most reliable prognosticators of who will win and lose an election since they’re motivated by the color green and not red or blue.

As Of 10/27 the Las Vegas Oddsmakers Electoral College Vote Total

Please bookmark this page as these Las Vegas Electoral College Predicted Totals will most likely change daily.

Las Vegas Odds To Win the Electoral College Vote As Of 10/25/2020

Electoral College Odds For Each State According To Las Vegas.

The states marked in red and blue indicate which party the Las Vegas oddsmakers have deemed a sure win.

State names colored in Green means the race is too close to call and Las Vegas oddsmakers can, and will, change them daily.

We gave those green states Electoral College Votes to whichever candidate Las Vegas currently has listed as the betting favorite. We also indicate which party the odds are moving toward.

Please bookmark this page as we will update it with the latest odds every morning right up until election day.

The Latest State By State Odds As Of 10/27

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