Yesterday we reported on William Reeves Durga who was wanted for his alleged role in a drug operation taunting the LaGrange Police Department, and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation by posting a TikTok video of himself dancing in front of his mugshots with an overlay caption reading ‘Come and get me’

Rule #1 Don’t Be A Criminal…Rule #2 If You’re A Criminal Don’t Taunt The Police On TikTok

On Wednesday, Durga, posted a video on TikTok, in which the 5′ 6″ 140lb mini-me sized criminal mastermind is seen smiling, shirtless, and dancing to a mega-popular hit among TikTok users: “Then Leave” by the Houston rapper-producer Beatking feat. Queendome Come.

The background Durga chose for his 8-second-long bit of police taunting idiocy was the mugshots shown above, with an overlay caption reading “Come and get me bi**h.”

Georgia Police Takes William Reeves Durga Up On His Offer To ‘Come and Get Me Bi**h‘… So The Cops Did

Durga’s arrest came swiftly after this criminal genius posted his TikTok idiocy.

LaGrange Police arrested the 21-year-old William Reeves Durga following a seven-month undercover drug operation that allegedly found employees and patrons of a pub were carrying out drug purchases.

Seven people were arrested on June 11 but Durga had escaped which prompted LaGrange police to turn to Facebook asking for help in locating Durga.

Earlier this week William Reeves Durga  then came up with his brilliant idea to make his TikTok video.

Reached by the New York Post on Thursday, Durga said he wasn’t “running” from police as they “literally haven’t reached out to me whatsoever, not to discuss my charges or anything.” He added, “I can’t even tell you what it’s for exactly.”

A day earlier, Durga told the LaGrange Daily News that officers “never came to my house or anything” but they “straight blasted me on social media, so I did it back.”

He noted he would not be turning himself into Troup County Jail because “it is so nasty and full of coronavirus.” He went on to post another video of him running from a person dressed as a cop before police announced his arrest.

LaGrange Police spokesperson who thanked the public for their help in capturing Georgia’s TikToking Tiny Twerp stated:

“Without Mr. Durga’s viral TikTok video, we would not have received the amount of tips and information that ultimately led to his arrest,”