US Border Patrol has posted online a terrifying gallery of illegal immigrant criminals, including suspected pedophiles, rapists, and murderers who had been apprehended trying to enter America amid Joe Biden’s self-inflicted Migrant Border Crisis.

The sickening parade of ghoulish criminals comes as the southern border crisis which has been blamed on the Biden administration’s open-border policies continues to deteriorate.

US Border Patrol Captures Illegal Immigrant Criminals At America’s Southern Border

Thankfully US Border Patrol agents, won’t hide the facts about what’s happening at America’s Southern border like the Biden administration has been doing.

Deputy Chief Patrol Agent Joel Martinez of the US Border Patrol’s Rio Grande Valley sector tweeted:

“In the past four days, #USBP agents arrested a murderer, an MS-13 gang member, and two sexual predators illegally present in the country. #RGV agents continue safeguarding our communities from violent criminals like these,” 

Deputy Chief Martinez included a mug shot of a man and another photo, presumably of the illegal immigrant’s torso, with “MS” tattooed in large letters across his chest.

Two days earlier, Martinez posted snapshots of two other men, writing, “RGV Sector Border Patrol agents arrested three sex offenders who were illegally present in the U.S.

“One subject was arrested for rape and sentenced to 20 years, the other two men were arrested for indecency with a child in the cities of Amarillo and Sulphur Springs, TX,” 

US Border Patrol – Rio Grande Valley sector


Chief Patrol Agent Brian Hastings, who helps oversee the same sector, tweeted March 15, the mug shot of a man whose eyes had a black bar across them:

“RGV agents arrested 3 illegal aliens with serious criminal history.

Their crimes included convictions for murder and sexual offenses. As agents deal with the increase of families and unaccompanied alien children, criminal aliens will attempt to conceal themselves among them,” 

Hastings March 15th tweet, repeated a similar message that he tweeted on March 11 — although this time, he wrote it atop a different mug shot featuring a man with an eerie blank stare.

And of course, authorities said, there is the flourishing drug trade at the border — even while Mexico’s cartels are making more money on human smuggling than narcotics as the avalanche of wannabe migrants is only increasing.

More Recently Martinez posted photos of mounds of pot wrapped in black plastic garbage bags and brown paper tied with twine, writing:

“RGV Border Patrol agents seized more than 800 pounds of marijuana in three separate smuggling attempts.

In two of the events, the drivers refused to stop initiating a pursuit. These smugglers continue demonstrating a blatant disregard for public safety.”

The Biden Administration: Crisis? What Migrant Border Crisis?

Despite career immigration officials warning of the impending migrant surge after his 2020 presidential election win.

Team Biden didn’t even bother to start formulating a plan to manage the expected influx of illegal immigrants.

And after being sworn in as President, Joe Biden instead of slowly phasing out some, if not all, of former President Donald Trump’s supposedly ‘harsh’ immigration policies. Joe Biden took a hatchet to them.

In less than a month after being sworn into office, Joe Biden’s ‘Open Border‘ policies have overwhelmed US Border Patrol Agents as America’s Southern Border continues to be overrun by illegal immigrants.

Here are a few of the stories TuskerDaily has published over the past few weeks concerning Joe Biden’s worsening migrant Border Crisis :


  1. Hold them, MAGA MILITIAS will take care of things. Lock n load!!

  2. C’mon man! When we circle around to it, we’ll see that they are just ”Dreamers” looking to share their dreams with America.

  3. Enter Our Country LEGALLY or NOT AT ALL! Our Southern Border needs to be CLOSED until further notice and ANYONE caught crossing illegally needs to be ID’d and thrown back to their country of citizenship. America is NOT their nation and they need to get the message that if they don’t Enter LEGALLY, they will NEVER be allowed entry period.


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