Joe Biden’s head of the USAID Samantha Power was mocked on Friday after claiming world peace could only be delivered by a woman.

“Good afternoon. I come bearing a simple message: if you want peace in this world, trust women to deliver it,” Power’s said during a speech on Friday, which quickly inspired ridicule online.

Users from both sides of the aisle pointed out Power’s warmongering history of promoting military intervention.

Maybe Samantha Power Meant ‘Simple Minded Message’.

Samantha Power herself proves that her pandering idiocy is proof that this is not true.

Despite the fact that at the time Lybia’s terrorist leader Muammar Gaddafi was complying with the US, and UN demands and posed little to no threat.

US ambassador to the UN Samantha Power and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was credited with persuading then-president Barack Obama to back military intervention against Gaddafi in 2011.

The move resulted in throwing Lybia into chaos, which brought about a rise in terrorism, open-air slave markets, and the deaths of thousands of innocent civilians.

Journalist Glenn Greenwald injected a little reality into Power’s gender stupidity, posting “hearing supreme military-interventionist Samantha Power of all people proclaim women will avoid war is too much irony to bear.”

Greenwald also pointed out Samantha Power’s militarism back in January after then-President-elect Joe Biden named her the head USAID:

Samantha Powers Gets Mocked For Her Hot-Take Solution To World Peace.

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