VaDems Virginia Democrats

A Virginia Democrats @VaDemocrats tweet proves they’re the most asinine racist hypocrites to ever inhabit the liberal loony-toon land of wokeness.

The Virginia Democrats tweet announced who their speaker of choice would be for their upcoming “virtual convention”.

And their choice is none other than Virginia’s Blackface and/or White Hoodie wearing Governor Ralph Northam.

You do remember who Ralph Northam is? No. Not as governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

But Ralph Northam, the blackface Michael Jackson moon-walking Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia?

You remember Ralph Northam, the blackface Michael Jackson moon-dancing buffoon?

But despite Ralph Northam’s insanely racist yearbook photo, and the horrific murder of George Floyd.

VaDems leadership thought “Hey, I know who we can get to be our featured speaker.”

But what makes the Virginia Democrats announcement so hysterical hypocritical is the fact that just last year, these same bastions of wokeness were tweeting:

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