Vanity Fair tweets that former President Donald Trump is responsible for murdering 400,000 Americans with Covid-19.

Needless to say, there’s no mention of Andrew Cuomo’s Nursing Home Deaths or the 135,000 who have died of the Coronavirus under President Joe Biden’s watch.

The story begins with Jared Kushner, son-in-law and adviser to the former president, who on Monday praised President Joe Biden’s handling of tensions with Iran thus far, and encouraged the Democrat to build on Trump’s “progress in the Middle East” – mainly his administration’s negotiation of diplomatic relations between Israel and a number of her former adversaries.

Vanity Fair dispatched journalist Bess Levin to tear down Kushner, in her article: JARED KUSHNER, OVERCONFIDENT MORON, HAS SOME ADVICE FOR JOE BIDEN

Levin had only minor issues with Kushner’s actual work in the Middle East, instead, she bashed him for supposedly “bungling” Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Levin made sure to call Kushner an “overconfident moron” along the way, in an article that contained more snark than actual substance.

Scathing as it may have been, Levin’s article was restrained compared to how Vanity Fair promoted it on Twitter.

“Jared Kushner, who helped his father-in-law kill 400,000 people, has some free tips for Joe Biden,”

Why Hasn’t Twitter Banned Vanity Fair?

Twitter banned former President Donald Trump for promoting, without evidence, false claims about 2020 election fraud.

Twitter also shut down the New York Post account after they tweeted a link to their blockbuster Hunter Biden Email article.

So how can Twitter stand by and do nothing as Vanity Fair accuse Donald Trump and Jared Kushner of personally infecting and killed 400,000 Americans who died with Covid-19 while they were in the White House?

Twitter Users rightly Ripped Into Vanity Fair’s Click Bait

“Who the hell wrote this headline?” former Trump spokesman Jason Miller asked, adding that whoever did “should be fired immediately.”

“What a disgusting rag of a publication,” another Twitter user posted, pointing out that by the same logic, President Biden is personally responsible for the 135,000 coronavirus deaths that have occurred since Trump left office in January.

Others suggested that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who ordered Covid-positive patients into nursing homes last year, should be similarly held accountable for the wave of deaths that followed.

Trump Should Sue Vanity Fair For Libel…He Won’t, But He Should

While the Trump Deranged Twitter mob was  thrilled with Vanity Fair’s imbecilic headline.

Podcaster and comedian Tim Young suggested that “the ‘helped his father-in-law kill 400,000 people’ statement” opens Vanity Fair up to “a pretty solid libel suit.”

His sentiment was echoed by a number of commenters, one of whom wished Trump would sue Vanity Fair “into oblivion.”



  1. The DemoKKKrats and the N.W.O are scared to death of a TRUMP 2024. That is why we see Trump bashing 24/7 by the slovenly MSM.


  2. I think Quid Pro Joe said that Trump was xenophobic for stopping travel from China, due ti their Wuhan Red Death?


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