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Vanity Fair’s Bess Levin Insane Article Claims ‘Trump Plans to Poison 60% of Nation’s Waterways’

Bess Levin Vanity Fair Hive Reporter
When Bess Levin isn’t writing her Trump deranged articles that would embarrass any actual journalist, she's busy on Twitter trashing conservative women.

Vanity Fair publishes Insane fake news article by angry, far-left Trump deranged activist Bess Levin that’s simply beyond reprehensible.


Oh, FFS, as we are witnessing during the Trump Impeachment trial mainstream media “fact-checkers” are falling all over themselves to discredit conservative news sites reporting the Democrats delusional reimagining of facts.

But as we’ve seen over the past three-years these same Mainstream media ‘fact-checkers’ aren’t the least bit interested in doing similar scrutinizing of the Trump deranged inanity being pushed out by unhinged liberal-bias political news websites.

While mainstream media outlets such as the Clown News Network with their bulbous headed buffoon Brian Stelter whining about the evilness of Fox News, and other Conservative political news sites.

Not a peep can be heard from these same MSM fake news spreading networks about the idiocy being spewed by left-wing sites vomiting their liberal idiocy on an hourly basis.

MSM simply turns a blind eye toward articles written by Vanity Fair’s mental midget Bess Levin who published her delusional diatribe accusing the President of the United States of America of intentionally plotting to poison 60% of America’s waterways.


Bess Levin Vanity Fair’s Idiotic Liberal Hack Reporter

Before joining Vanity Fair’s “business” publication, “Hive” Bess Levin was the editor of Wall Street gossip site Dealbreaker.com.

Apparently, when you’ve been writing gossip for 10 years, Vanity Fair declares you supremely qualified to report on political news in 2020.

Levin begins her article by accusing President Trump of “trying to extort another country for personal gain, threatening to commit war crimes, and making the case that bribery should be legal.”

But Bess Levin’s TDS reporting was only getting started, she then went on, mind you without any facts, to claim that the evil Donald Trump is “destroying the planet and prioritizing corporate profits over human health,” because it’s an issues near and dear to the President heart.

Below is a portion of the repulsive Vanity Fair article written by their unhinged, and equally repulsive writer Bess Levin.

Hysterically, for whatever reason, Vanity Fair choose to use an image of President Trump pretending to hold a gun with their story that alleges Trump’s diabolical plan to kill Americans by poisoning their waterways?


Trump Finalizes Plan to Poison 60% of Nation’s Waterways

Bess Levin Social Media Mob Moron

When Bess Levin isn’t writing her Trump derangement syndrome articles that would embarrass any actual journalist.

Levin can be found on Twitter, trashing conservative women tied to President Trump.

In her most recent tweet, Levin pulls an Adam Schiff and completely makes up a scenario surrounding a quote made by Ivanka Trump.

Levin’s attempts to demean and minimize a woman whose long list of accomplishments will far exceed anything Bess Levin will achieve in her lifetime.

“That’ll show ’em,” Ivanka smirked, smoothing back her bob and pasting the text she’d found by googling “smart quotes about impeachment” into Twitter

In another tweet, “feminist” Bess Levin mocks the age difference between Donald Trump Jr., and his longtime girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle.

Apparently mocking women for their age is perfectly okay if you’re a liberal hack who works for Vanity Fair.

Hysterically, Bess Levin somehow believes Kimberly Guilfoyle, 50, being 8-years older than Don Jr.,42, makes her his mother?


And finally, this tweet, from this TDS mental midget suggests that First Lady Melania Trump, President Trump, and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un are arranging a threesome.

Bess Levin needs to seek immediate mental health counseling to combat her Trump derangement and the editors at Vanity Fair/Hive who thought this headline was a good idea, should be immediately fired.

Most of all those mainstream media fact-checkers should start doing their job, and if they’re not motivated by journalistic integrity, then they should be motivated to do it for their own job security.

Based on the nonsense spewing out of the Trump Impeachment Trial from the Democrats, these fact-checkers jobs will be secure for years, and years to come.

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