Victoria’s Secret becomes the latest ‘woke’ corporation after they kicked their ‘angels’ to the curb, and replacing them with beasts like Megan Rapinoe & Priyanka Chopra as the new faces for the brand.

The lingerie company is doing some radical leftist rebranding. They’re ditching their ‘Victoria’s Secret Angels’ supermodels in favor of leftist he/she empowerment icons.

Evidently, Victoria’s Secret, known for selling the male sex fantasy, has its sights set on going broke.

Victoria’s Secret Replaces Beauty With The Beast

The move, which was revealed on Wednesday in a New York Times article, is presented as an attempt to shed the company’s “dated” approach to selling underwear.

The NYT article reported that VS is grounding its host of “angels” – supermodels in fantasy bras and exotic wings.

And replacing them with a team of seven women that check all the boxes of the company’s new “woke values”.

The so-called VS Collective includes:

  • Unhinged LGBT activist Megan Rapinoe.
  • Chinese-American skier Eileen Gu.
  • Swiss-American biracial plus-size model Paloma Elsesser.
  • Indian entertainer and rights advocate Priyanka Chopra.

They and others on the team will advise the brand, appear in ads and promote Victoria’s Secret on Instagram.

Victoria’s Secret Making Men Worldwide Regurgitate

Seeing Megan Rapinoe will surely make women run to Victoria’s Secret to snatch up the latest lingerie.

Megan Rapinoe Victoria's secret

Unfortunately for men everywhere, just the thought of seeing Megan Rapinoe modeling some sexy underwear is nauseating enough.

But now actually seeing, will have them running to the bathroom to vomit.

Of course, if Victoria’s Secret real motive is to sexually catrate men… Then two thumbs up for their ingenious plan.

‘Woke” Women Aren’t Buying What Victoria’s Secret Is Selling.

The New York Times wondered if women “would buy it”.  And that question was quickly answered by many of its liberal women readers who seem to agree.

Some tweeted that Victoria’s Secret’s repackaging its lingerie as an empowerment garment won’t work if the product remains overpriced and of poor quality.

Others doubted that the company will be ditching its unethical hypocrite cost-cutting manufacturing practices along with its angels.


  1. When I first heard of Rapinoe, I though “it” was a rap artist.
    Victor’s Secret is just trying to appeal to the typical leftist feminazi.

  2. for sure they will go out of business and they should..boycott them like we should with any company that backs these democrooks…


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