The “Not F*cking Around Coalition” Is Demanding Their Own State, If It Is Not Given To Them They Vow To Leave The Country

Don’t threaten us with a good time.

The Not F***ing Around Coalition—and yes, that is their real name—is promising to leave the country if their demands are not met and all I can think of to say is “where can we donate?”

Grand Master Jay—also his real name and title—despite as his name might suggest, isn’t announcing the release of a rap album, instead he’s announcing his intention to build a new nation on U.S. soil. If his plan fails, don’t worry, Master Jay has a back up solution: black people will leave en masse. His comments were made after his group marched through Louisville and we would be remiss if we forgot to mention that during that march, one of his “soldiers” accidentally shot another one. <grin>

That was the first of two friendly-fire shootings to occur this Saturday, the other one happening in Aurora, Colorado. Seriously, read about that fiasco.  Anyways, back to Master Jay’s big plan for a new black nation.

Take a look:

Here’s the tough guy who was wounded by his comrade in arms in Louisville:

Anyways, if Grand Master Jay wants to take is gun toting militia to another country, so be it. Can someone please introduce him to a map of Liberia?