Video: Joe Biden Criticizes Good Guy with a Gun Stopping a 2017 Church Shooter

On December 29, 2019, a good guy with a gun shot an armed attacker in a church in White Settlement, Texas. The good guy used a handgun in this instance, and Biden has yet to say whether it is acceptable to use a handgun to stop an attacker.

Just under two weeks after the November 5, 2017, Sutherland Springs, Texas, church shooting, Joe Biden criticized the fact that a good guy used an AR-15 to stop the shooter.

During a November 14, 2017, appearance on Today, an audience member asked Biden how he “could justify the Democrat view on gun control when the shooter was stopped by a man who was legally licensed to carry a gun.”

Ryan Saavedra posted a video of Biden’s response wherein he criticized the fact that the good guy with the gun used an AR-15 to stop the church shooting.

On November 5, 2017, the Sutherland Springs shooter fled the scene after being confronted by Stephen Willeford, a good guy armed with an AR-15. USA Today reported that Willeford lived a block from the church and ran to the aid of congregants after hearing shots being fired.


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