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LAS VEGAS, NV – Man’s best friend also happens to be a four legged hero after a criminal pulled a knife on police this year.

The incident went down when police pulled over a subject on a traffic stop.

The male ended up exiting his vehicle with a large machete and charged at an officer who was still in his vehicle.  The officer reversed and the subject fled.

A K9 officer released his dog to apprehend the suspect who stabbed the dog.  Now, the video footage from the incident has been released and obtained by 8 News Now.

A little background information:

On April 13th, Las Vegas Metro Police Officer Vargus Berbe noticed that the vehicle driven by the suspect, now identified as Jeffrey Holland, had an expired license plate.

Berbe attempted a traffic stop on the vehicle who continued to drive until he entered the parking lot of an apartment complex.

When the vehicle stopped, Holland jumped out of the vehicle and had a large machete.  Berbe testified in court:

“Once he got out with the large machete he was approaching my car, pointing at me and approaching my car in a fast pace.  I ultimately threw the car in reverse, the patrol vehicle, and immediately floored it so I ended up in the middle of Cambridge on the street.” 

Holland then ran into an apartment trying to hide from officers.

Berbe called for back up and Metro Officer Nick Bachman, with police K9 Kimura, was one of the officers who responded.  Officers attempted to talk Holland out of the apartment and peacefully surrender to them.

However, Holland had other plans as he opened the door armed now with a large knife.

Officers began giving several commands to Holland to drop the knife and go to the ground, all of which he ignored.  Berbe testified that Holland:

“…is holding it [knife] in a manner where he is, he’s holding it pretty much to his side raising it and he is challenging officers to approach him.”

Bachman then testified:

“In my mind I felt that if I did not deploy the dog probably somebody was going to get stabbed, one of my officers was going to get stabbed, or ultimately we would have to shoot the suspect.” 

Based on these reasons, Bachman released K9 Kimura to physically apprehend Holland, this is the point where the video starts.

Read more at lawenforcementtoday.com 



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