One of the national stories to come out of people looking to go back to work was Shelley Luther. She’s the Dallas salon owner who was arrested for opening her business before the government granted her permission.

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Out on bail, fresh out of jail, she’s back at work thanks to the governor of Texas stepping up. On Friday, she had a very special customer who flew in because he just couldn’t do anything with his hair: Senator Ted Cruz.

I’m sure some will call this a political stunt. Which it totally was. Any time a politician shows up anywhere and there are cameras around, it is a political stunt, whether it’s our guys or their guys. This was a political stunt, one that I totally appreciate.

While our other elected officials are doing stunts like banning people from buying seeds to plant their own food (cough::thatwomanfromMichigan::cough), Ted Cruz is supporting people who are looking to go back to work.

Good for him, and good for Shelley Luther.

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) visited Dallas’ Salon a la Mode Friday morning for a haircut on the first day salons were allowed to reopen amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The salon is owned by Shelley Luther, the woman jailed on a contempt of court charge earlier this week leading to an outcry from supporters including the state’s Republican leadership.

Cruz, who was wearing a facial covering, walked in to Salon a la Mode Friday morning saying he’d flown into North Texas this morning and that it’d been about three months since he’d had his hair cut. While a stylist trimmed his hair, Cruz chatted with Luther about her experience, background and her love of Texas.




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