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Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam Urges Citizens to Snitch on Churches, Gun Ranges

Virginia Gov Ralph Northam Urges Citizens to Snitch on Churches, Gun Ranges

Governor Ralph Northam and the Virginia Health Department Have Urged Citizens to Snitch on Churches, Gun Ranges for Violating the Democrats Unconstitutional Coronavirus Regulations.

Virginia residents can report alleged violations of Northam’s executive orders regarding the use of face masks and capacity requirements in indoor spaces via a portal on the health department’s website, a practice commonly known as “snitching.”

That’s right, no longer will Virginia’s liberal activists have to be satisfied with just giving side-eye to the unmasked right-wingers who disobey the ‘righteous’ executive orders of their blackface/white hoodie-wearing Democrat governor.

Now thanks to Ralph Northam Virginia’s liberal loony-toon radicals can anonymously snitch on all those first and second amendment loving Conservatives.

Snitching, of course, is a cowardly form of betrayal that is typically frowned upon in functioning society, particularly when it’s done anonymously.

Not having to identify yourself leads to an abundance of false reports perpetrated by those seeking revenge, or just seeing to use the complaint as a tool to disparage your opponent.

The Virginia Health Department webpage gives snitchers several options regarding the “type of establishment” on which they are intending to snitch. These options specifically include:

  • Indoor gun range
  • Religious service

Virginia Republican state senator Mark Obenshain expressed concern that churches and gun ranges were “specifically” singled out, noting, “there is nothing to prevent businesses from snitching on competitors, or to prevent the outright fabrication of reports.”

Ralph Northam, who remains in office despite today’s BLM idiocy where they are conducting their war on statues where even Abraham Lincoln is no longer safe from the BLM/Antifa radicals

Northam admitted to wearing either blackface or a Ku Klux Klan robe he just didn’t admit to which one, or both. But what the doofus governor did admit to was wearing blackface while performing his Michael Jackson child-molester moonwalk impersonation.

In May Northam was forced to apologize after he was caught mingling and taking selfies with supporters without a face mask in Virginia Beach just moments before announcing an executive order mandating the use of masks in public spaces.

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