Just days before a planned gun-rights protest in the state capitol, Democratic Governor Ralph Northam plans to declare an emergency later today banning all weapons, including firearms, from the Capitol Square.


According to NBC4 in Washington, officials speaking on condition of anonymity said the governor is concerned about “credible threats of potential violence and extremism.” However, the ominous-sounding report has the unnamed official admitting that “the state does not have intelligence that the groups are planning a specific act of violence.” Still, “Northam has grown increasingly concerned about numerous ominous-sounding postings on social media from forces outside Virginia.”

Cam Edwards at our sister site Bearing Arms writes that “buried at the bottom of a laundry list of rules for the House,” is the new Rule 85. It reads in part:

But Edwards — who will speak at Monday’s rally — also notes that the “House of Delegates doesn’t control the entire state capitol complex, only the House itself, along with House office spaces,” and that the Senate has issued no such new rule. That might explain Northam’s plan to declare a state of emergency in order to assume wider powers and effectively shut down any carrying of firearms to a peaceful firearms protest.

The Virginia Citizens Defense League is sponsoring the event, and they seem committed to following the letter of the law. Their instructions to protestors include the following:

This does not sound to me like the work of anyone trying to incite a violent mob. In fact, the instructions also ask members to “Be patient with the Capitol Police on the screenings,” because “It was not their idea, but Democrat leadership’s idea.” Clearly, the VCDL is doing everything in its power to avoid making a scene, which is perfectly in line with their stated mission to advance “the fundamental human right of all Virginians to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the Second Amendment.”

But the Virginia government is in the grip of the most uniformly anti-gun madness since the Brits tried raiding a colonial armory at Concord, Massachusetts. Patriots won the day violently in 1775, and may they win peacefully in Virginia in 2020.

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