Virginia School Board Votes Unanimously To Rename Schools Named After America’s Founding Fathers

Falls Church school board Renaming schools that were named after America's founding fathers
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Despite a survey that showed an overwhelming number of Falls Church, Virginia residents opposing it. The city’s school board members decided they know what was best and voted unanimously to rename two schools that were named after America’s founding fathers.

If you only had a passing interest in the world of politics you’d still be familiar with the phrase “The Will Of The People” since the Liberal Progressive Democrats use it often enough.

But as many in the world of politics know when it comes to Democrats, the only time the hypocritical left lectures American’s that about listening to ‘the will of the people’ is when the numbers favor their leftist opinion.

On Wednesday, the liberal Falls Church school board’s hypocrisy was on full display.

After the liberal school board proposed renaming the Thomas Jefferson Elementary School and George Mason High School because despite being instrumental in the founding of our nation, both men had the audacity to own slaves.

Apparently believing their residents were in lockstep with the leftist mobs cancel culture, who has been on a mission to cancel any mention of America’s founding fathers. The school board conducted a survey to vet the community’s interest in changing the schools’ names.

Fully expecting the results to validate their liberal hashtag activism. The Falls Church City Public Schools (FCCPS) School Renaming Survey asked parents, staff members, students in grades 6-12, and community members for feedback on whether the names of George Mason High School and Thomas Jefferson Elementary School should be changed.

The survey also clearly stated that: Results will be used to help decide whether to rename the schools.

I’m sure it came as quite a shock to the Falls Church school board when a majority of the community opposed renaming the schools, with only 26 percent agreeing with their leftist idiocy.

Falls Church City Public Schools School Renaming Survey
Falls Church City Public Schools School Renaming Survey

Respondents who didn’t want the name change said the two men made significant contributions to Virginia and the United States.

  • Thomas Jefferson was the nation’s third president and a primary author of the Declaration of Independence.
  • George Mason wrote the Virginia Declaration of Rights, which eventually helped inspire the Bill of Rights.

But Democrats Know What’s Best For You

In spite of the clear results from their own survey. In typical leftist fashion, when ‘the will of the people’ doesn’t support your leftist ideology…YOU IGNORE IT!

This is exactly what the Falls Church school board did when they voted unanimously to rename the schools.

After-all, doesn’t liberal logic dictate that Democrats know what’s best for you, even if haven’t realized it yet?

Falls Church school board chairman Greg Anderson then lectured the community that the name change was “in the best interest” of students and “a necessary part of our equity work,” adding:

“Our schools must be places where all students, staff, and community members feel safe, supported, and inspired,” 

Democrats The Supposed Great Defender Of Democracy…Simply Hate America!

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