Watching the ever-increasing unhinged BLM/Antifa mob running rampant through the streets of America. And Virginia Senator Tim Kaine delivering his hate-America revisionist history speech on slavery.

Two things have become clearly evident…

    1. Black Lives Matter… But only AFTER they’re born. While an African-American baby is still in their mother’s womb their nothing more than Planned Parenthood / Pro-Abortionist cannon fodder.
    2. The historical ignorance of liberal progressive Democrats has become impossible to ignore

Just weeks ago, on May 25th, Americans from both sides of the aisle took to the streets demanding justice for the horrific murder of George Floyd. 

But after Derek Chauvin Was Arrested and Charged With Murdering George Floyd.

The more radicalized Black Lives Matter and Antifa terrorist, supported by members of Congress like Rashida Tlaib focused on pushing their Hate-America agenda, and to Defund the Police.

To further their insanity these militant mob members focused on looting, arson, and violence, along with toppling any statues that dared to trigger their precious feelings.

But after what happened over the past day or so, it’s now apparent that liberal progressive Democrats are out to completely rewrite American history. 

Liberal Progressive Democrats War On Historical Statues In Order To Rewrite American History 

At first, the BLM mob angered by the murder of George Floyd targeted any statue of a person associated with the Confederacy and Slavery. 

Even if they were a bit player during the civil war, such as Charles Linn. The mob cared little that his historical significance had little to do with slavery or the Confederacy, but with starting a bank.

Of course, the never satisfied liberal mob then started targeting everyone from that era, even famous abolitionists, like Matthias Baldwin, whose statute was destroyed despite Baldwin being an outspoken critic of slavery during the early 1800s. 

The left couldn’t be bothered by the fact that Baldwin actually argued for African Americans’ right to vote and founded a school in Philadelphia that was built to help educate black children.

Of course, the never satisfied liberal mob then turned it’s attention to the father of our country, George Washington. 

They’re also targeting the author of the Declaration of Independence, and the third President of these United States, Thomas Jefferson.

George Washington Statue in Chicago Vandalized With KKK Hood
BLM not only spray painted the base of Chicago’s George Washington Statue they went so far as to place a KKK Hood on it.
The Thomas Jefferson statue sits next to its at Jefferson High School in Northeast Portland after protesters tore it down after a Black Lives Matter rally
The Thomas Jefferson statue sits next to its at Jefferson High School in Northeast Portland after protesters tore it down after a Black Lives Matter rally. (Jonathan Levinson/OPB)

But now, the never satisfied liberal mob has reached the point where these uneducated imbeciles have gone completely off the rails.

The BLM mob has now not only started defacing but also demanding the removal of statues dedicated to Abraham Lincoln of all people. 

Never mind that Abraham Lincoln was the president who signed the Emancipation Proclamation, that freed the slaves.

Never mind that Abraham Lincoln believed in freeing of slaves to the point that his belief ultimately led to him forfeiting his life to an assassin’s bullet.

But inside the liberal loony-toon world ‘Feelings Are More Factual Than Facts,’ and that means Lincoln must be exterminated once more.

In Boston the so-called “cancel culture” has reached a new level of stupidity. As they've now set their sights on removing a statue honoring the man who freed the slaves.
In Boston the so-called “cancel culture” has reached a new level of stupidity. As they’ve now set their sights on removing a statue honoring the man who freed the slaves.

The Liberal Mob Are Just As Uneducated Across The Pond

Some people believe that they’re witnessing the unraveling of America, but in England, the Black Lives Matter / Antifa morons are just as uneducated.

Antifa, the supposed Anti-Fascist asshats hysterically are demanding the removal of a statue of Winston Churchill, the legendary British Prime Minister who literally defeated fascists.

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill statue in Parliament Square
Protesters gather around Winston Churchill statue in Parliament Square during the Black Lives Matter protest rally in London, Sunday, June 7, 2020, in response to the recent killing of George Floyd by police officers in Minneapolis, USA, that has led to protests in many countries and across the US. (AP Photo/Frank Augstein)

And of course, just like here in America, the British buffoons are now defacing statues of Abraham Lincoln. Why? Reasons…


Virginia Senator Tim Kaine Rewrites The History Of Slavery

Knowing the sad state of America’s education system, you could almost excuse away seeing today’s youth displaying their cringe-worthy lack of historical literacy.

But when a long-serving legislator like Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, who hysterically was Hillary Clinton chose to be her Democratic Vice-Presidential nominee in 2016, either blatantly lies, or worse, is truthfully ignorant of historical facts.

Then that is something that all Americans should consider extremely dangerous.

When Tim Kaine took to the Senate floor to give a speech on the origin of slavery, well, it made it easier to see why the younger generation feels so at ease with their being so ignorant about American history.

While discussing law enforcement reforms on Tuesday, Virginia’s Democrat Senator Tim Kaine said that we need to “dismantle the structures of racism that our federal, state, and local governments carefully erected and maintained over centuries.”

But then Tim Kain drove the Democrats revisionist history choo-choo right over the cliff by bestowing on America the amount of historical knowledge that he has locked away in his pea-sized brain.

First Kaine defeated his own idiocy by stating that African-American slaves first arrived in the English colonies at Point Comfort, Virginia, in 1619.

Kaine was adamant that “They were slaves, They’d been captured against their will.” 

But then Kaine went on to delusional claim that 157-years later the newly formed United States didn’t inherit slavery from anybody; we created it.

Tim Kaine Try Educating Yourself Before Spewing Your Idiocy?

If Tim Kaine took 2-minutes out to educate himself on a subject he was about to speak on, it would save him from looking like the imbecilic, uneducated fool he showed America.

A simple Googled search on the “History of Slavery” is all you’d need to understand just how much Virginia Senator Tim Kaine was talking out his historical revisionist ass.

Slavery wasn’t created by Americans in 1776, Slavery was “literally” part of the first civilizations; the first “identifiable evidence of slavery comes from the Code of Hammurabi out of Mesopotamia.”

Even worse, Tim Kaine who touts himself a religious man, must not have been paying much attention in church.

Since anyone who’s read the Old Testament, or watch the “Ten Commandments” movie that television networks have shown every Easter for like ever, knows that the Israelites were slaves in Egypt.

And, contrary to what Tim Kaine was spewing on the Senate floor. Slave traders in West Africa didn’t only send slaves to the newly established United States, but to this day they ply their abhorrent trade worldwide.

So for Tim Kaine to radically change historical facts to fit his leftist political agenda, it’s not only a violation of his oath as a United States Senator.

But knowing that the left-wing’s uneducated radical millennial mob needs nothing more than an anti-America headline, or soundbite to transform themselves into an angry triggered mob, hell-bent on creating as much destruction and violence imaginable.

Virginia Senator Tim Kaine spewing his ‘America is evil’ revisionist history is not only repugnant it’s downright dangerous.

Calling For Tim Kaine To Be Removed From Office Is Not Hyperbole

Tim Kaine and other radical leftist Democrat members of Congress changing history to fit their agenda.

Are encouraging their mob to go out and cause mayhem. Unfortunately, as we’ve have witnessed this violence has lead to the death and near-death of many Americans.

For example on Monday, a liberal mob member was shot outside of the Albuquerque Museum where uneducated BLM “Peaceful Protesters” were attempting to tear down a statue of Spanish conquistador Don Juan De Oñate.

The shooter who is allegedly a member of a right-wing group that was protecting the statue from mob violence.

After the shooting took place, the mainstream media pounce on the story, painting the shooter as a radical right-wing MAGA hat-wearing racist white supremacist Trump supporter.

As what typically happens, the truth inevitably came out.

Yesterday a video was posted that shows the shooter was only acting in self-defense after he was attacked by three men from the Democrats unhinged mob.

(Warning: The video is somewhat graphic; also, language warning.)