Virginia’s Recent Liberal Extremism a Warning Sign for Other States

On Jan. 20, tens of thousands of protesters showed up in Richmond, Virginia, to voice opposition to Democrat Gov. Ralph Northam and his gun-grabbing gun control liberal legislators.

On Monday, the Virginia General Assembly ratified the Equal Rights Amendment. Advocates of the ERA have argued that Virginia is the 38th and final state needed to add it to the Constitution, though the legal argument for that is dubious.

Nevertheless, if the ERA were to become law, it would almost certainly provide the legal basis to enshrine left-wing social dogmas nationwide, among other negative consequences.

Though the ratification is unlikely to pass legal muster, it generally shows the direction Virginia is heading.

Other states should take note: No matter how conservative your state has been in the past, you’re just one leftist legislature away from radical change.

The massive pro-Second Amendment protest in Richmond, Virginia, on Jan. 20, which drew more than 20,000 people, signaled that many Virginians are waking up to the radicalism of the newly empowered Democratic majority in the state legislature.

It would be wrong, however, to suppose that gun owners are the only Virginians in the crosshairs of the new powers that be.


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