Vox’s pearl-clutching about the anguish felt by socially conscious parents upon learning that a popular Instagram mom, known for her baby sleep advice, had the audacity to donate to Trump backfired, after being mocked by both Conservative and Liberal Twitter users.

In a shining example of cancel culture journalism, Vox, the liberal loony-toon leftist website released a detailed analysis of the penetrating philosophical questions resulting from the discovery that Cara Dumaplin, founder of the popular Instagram account Taking Cara Babies, had donated a combined total of $1,078 to Donald Trump’s 2016 and 2020 election campaigns.

Chatter about the political contributions first began on parenting forums last week, eventually spreading to social media platforms like Twitter, and Facebook.

Of course, this prompted the leftist Twitter mob to immediately call for a boycott of Dumaplin’s baby-care course.

After Vox took notice, they dug deep into their liberal logic bag of stupidity, to bring their headline reading liberals, the harrowing personal accounts of supposed Dumaplin’s customers trying to grapple with the crushing revelation.

“For the many new parents who’d paid to take her online sleep courses, which range from $179 to $319, the Trump donation news came as devastating,” the site explained, citing “a postdoctoral fellow at Johns Hopkins” who bemoaned how she had put her “trust” in Dumaplin as a “vulnerable” new mother but now felt betrayed.

The trailblazing for its amount of pearl-clutching Vox feature went on to deconstruct the “social media meltdown” resulting from Dumaplin’s wrong-think, suggesting that conservative pundits and outlets, who decried the witch hunt against Dumaplin as an example of “cancel culture,” were overreacting.

The site ultimately concluded that, although progressive parents were right to feel “disappointed” in Dumaplin, “Taking Cara Babies is not the root cause of America’s political problems.”

One of the mothers interviewed by the outlet even admitted that although she is now boycotting the Instagram influencer, she still “buys sh** off Amazon,” even though the Jeff Bezons-owned corporate behemoth “has done far more harm than Cara’s $1,000 to Trump.”

In a surprising Twitter twist, both sides of the aisle equally mocked Vox’s pearl-clutching idiocy:

Progressive journalist Zaid Jilani quipped that “folks who are so psychologically fragile that this matters to them should consider not being parents, you deal with a lot tougher things raising kids than this.”

Tim Murtaugh, who served as the communications director for Trump’s 2020 campaign joked. “Woke parents have no choice but to wake up their sleeping babies now.”

Vox’s typical unhinged reporting backfired in more ways than one.

Several Twitter users thanked Vox for making them aware of the popular baby expert and said they were excited to begin learning her sleep techniques.



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