WaPo Screeches Trump’s ‘Bucking Tradition,’ Except NYT Praised Obama For Doing Same Thing

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The Washington Post denounced President Donald Trump for ‘Bucking Tradition” which don’t actually exist, except in the minds of Wapo’s revisionist history journalists who hope Americans don’t remember Obama or 2016.
WaPo complained on Sunday:

“Over the final six weeks of Trump’s presidency, the administration has no plans to wind down its efforts to remake federal policies and even the government bureaucracy itself, aides said, despite the pending handoff to the incoming Democratic administration,”

“The whirlwind of activities has bucked tradition of past presidents who have deferred on major policy actions during the lame-duck period,”

Trump’s Bucking Tradition My Arse

As Byron York of the Washington Examiner pointed out, the New York Times lavished praise on Barack Obama at the end of December that year, for publicly promising a “smooth” transition while setting up “as many policy and ideological roadblocks as possible” before Trump’s inauguration.

Obama is “doing a lot of governing,” the Times quoted Matt Bennett of the Third Way liberal think tank. The Republicans don’t like it, Bennett said, “But he’s in his right to do it, and he should do it. Is he trying to box Trump in? You bet – and he should.”

Among the Obama moves the Times listed approvingly are naming 103 people to various government posts, banning offshore oil drilling, establishing new environmental preserves, securing Planned Parenthood funding, freeing Guantanamo Bay inmates – and oh yes, expelling Russian diplomats on the pretext of “interfering” in the election.

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