Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) can’t stop snitching. The underperforming presidential candidate, best known for being the first woman of color employed by Harvard Law School, has apparently leaked the details of a second private conversation with 2020 rival Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.).

For the second time this week, a major media outlet reported the details of a private discussion between Warren and Sanders, according to “people familiar with the exchange.” This most recent conversation took place Tuesday night after the Democratic primary debate in Iowa, during which the two candidates sparred over the allegations contained in a CNN report regarding a private meeting between Warren and Sanders in 2018.

The post-debate confrontation was caught on camera, but the lack of any audio recording caused many to speculate as to the contents of the exchange, which did not appear to be friendly in nature.

On Wednesday, the New York Times published an account of the discussion based on anonymous sources. As many surmised, the subject of the leaked conversation was, in fact, the previously leaked conversation:

People familiar with the exchange said Ms. Warren walked over and told Mr. Sanders that she was concerned that, during the debate, he had mischaracterized a conversation they had in 2018 about whether a woman could win the presidency. She has accused him of saying that a woman could not; he has denied that remark.

Appearing frustrated, Mr. Sanders asked to discuss the matter at a different time, said the people, who insisted on anonymity to discuss a sensitive, private conversation. He pointed his finger toward her, then back at himself, before turning and walking away.

It is widely assumed that Warren deliberately orchestrated the leak of (her version of) the 2018 conversation in an effort to bolster her flailing campaign at Sanders’s expense, less than a month before voters in Iowa and New Hampshire head to the polls.

Anti-capitalist filmmaker Michael Moore, a longtime supporter of Warren’s, accused her of spreading a “malicious lie” about Sanders and criticized her tendency to “embellish the truth” for political gain.


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